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One and only Community website for Perfusion and clinical Perfusionist. It’s an Educative and social network website for Perfusion and Clinical Perfusionist.

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Question & Answers

Our Web Site started with this section, in this section Member can Ask Question and another member will Answer the same, here communication is based on Question and Answers type.

Perfusion wall

One and only facebook style news feed page for Perfusionist. login and Connect to Perfusion world with Perfusionkey website. You can post links, documents, images and can comment and like on them.

Groups & Forums

In this Section Registered Member can join in desired groups. Group related discussions can be done by posting and commenting. In Forums you can start a topic and make discussions.

Articles & Blogs

If you want to show your thoughts, experiences and your Articles, Than you are at correct place. Here you can Write your blog or Article after, We have so many options while writing a blog.

Personal User Profile

We have dedicated user Profile Section for each member, Can upload your photo and cover image, You can make perfusion friends by sending friend request in members page and you can see their updates in your news feed tab of your profile. All of your site activity can see in your profile like your Friends, asked Questions, your written Blogs, your Groups activity, Forums activity, your posts, likes and lot more Personal section.

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