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Want to show your thoughts, experiences and your Articles to Perfusion world, You are at correct place because We are the fast growing Perfusion community website, Here you can Write your Perfusion blog or Article, For this you have to Register / Login first.

Please read below steps carefully before starting….

Steps to start your first Perfusion Blog (or) Article

  1. Register (or) Login to Perfusionkey To use any of our services first you have to Register on our website, if you are a registered member please Login.
  2. Open Your Profile After successfully login please open your personal profile from menu7881DA50-177A-41E7-9F22-EA4DCE33D0A7
  3. Open Blog section from your Profile Please click on Blog in drop down menu of Profile in main menu
    click on profile from menu directly you will see like this


  4. Give a nice title to your Blog or Article Please give a nice title it should represent your Blog or Article.

  5. Keyboard shortcuts and more tools We have provided different tools for your convenience and we have different keyboard shortcuts for you. Click on those sections to use.

  6. Write your Blog Now you are ready to write ✍️ your Perfusion Blog or Article.
    once you finish writing please come out from full screen.
  7. Final steps….Please insert image to enhance your blog. And tick allow comments sections if you need or untick if you don’t want receive comments from our members.
    Finally click on post to publish.

Share your thoughts to Perfusion world.

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