Difference between pH stat and alpha stat ?

Perfusion Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsDifference between pH stat and alpha stat ?
Anshul vedi asked 3 months ago
1 Answers
Prakash PVS answered 3 months ago

PH Stat : The PH is maintained at 7.3to7.4 all the time even when the patient is cooled or in hypothermia. For this we need to add CO2. This will lead to 
1. shifting of oxygen dissociation curve to the right 
2. the brain gets more blood supply due to dilated blood vessels due to CO2. This ensures uniform cooling and protects brain
3. Good in neonates and children and not in Adults . Adults can get an embolism due to atherosclerosis. As more debris can go to the brain blood vessels due to higher flows .
4. The PH which is 7.3 at lower temperature can be much lower at 37 degrees 


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